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Sellwell Industrial Group

Sellwell is a multiple industries group company which manufactures a various kinds of industrial products and life commodities. Sellwell also has & invests a wide range of sales entities and distributing network all over the world.

Sellwell Group consists of more than thirty manufacturers & factories which are mainly located on many cities of China and Asia. Our products cover industrial supplies, machinery, plastic products, chemical materials, biology products, lights & lighting, package material, electrical equipment and office supplies, textile products, home supplies and etc. Since past 30 years we have been exporting our high quality products into more 200 countries, these products & commodities were sold very well, it brings Sellwell a good reputation.

Sellwell also invests many industrial entities whom make Sellwell got a lot of profits, We will continue to find and invest in manufacture entities, especially sustainable developing industries, we are willing to discuss business opportunities with any industrial manufacturers.

In the business of past tens years, we pride ourselves on being a major supplier for multiple industries and enjoy our products/services being a part of the daily lives for thousands of our customers.

Sellwell now employs more than 18,500 people directly throughout China Mainland, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, HongKong, Malaysia, India, North & South America and parts of the Middle East.

Parts of our business have been running for more than 30 years and today we continue to strive to run innovative production and provide outstanding service to our clients - honestly, openly and safely.

Any query please contact us via info + (at) + sellwellgroup dot com